The Art of the Draw

October 24, 2015
by Sketchy1
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And So I Write and Thus I See The World

The Well Worn Costume

ashannon illustrations and photos

A Live Illustration Parade

I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up with the exception of it being a funeral.

In fact I’m in love with weddings and huge birthdays especially the ones where they go “all out”.

Themed affairs where it is almost like you’re visiting another time.  Stepping thru into a painting.

I’ve traveled around the world and am in awe of the splendor that is present in every culture.  The intricacies of ceremonial dress and the deep rooted meanings of costumes and ritual.  From parades that involve pets to back-breaking displays of skills.

The expression of ones self can come through in many unexpected ways.

I’m a bit of an extreme extrovert.  After I have an experience that moves me I feel I have to go out into the world and share it with people.  It somehow makes it more alive, more colorful, more real.

I plan on sharing a lot of my paintings, illustrations and drawings as well as a bit more of free thought.  There are many things throughout my days and night that come to mind and now I have a place to share them.  If only with myself at times.

You can’t always catch the bouquet

One step at a time.